Wether you're the sole proprietor of a small business or you control the security needs of a large corporation, chances are you have the same problems shared by every business:

1) Vandalism

2) Inventory shortages

3) Shoplifting

4) Fraud

5) Employee theft

The list goes on and FireTeam's Technology and Controls Division can help.

We have spent years working with businesses to understand the issues that concern you the most. As a leader in commercial security, FireTeam's Technology and Controls Division has developed solutions to address your everyday problems effectively and affordably. Our security consultants focus on things like return on investment, operational effectiveness, and premise liability.

We will work with you to understand your needs and, with our experience and superior products, we'll customize the right system for you. Not just a traditional security system, but an integrated method of tackling your security and business needs – and most importantly – improving your bottom line.

We combine superior products, creative thinking, and leading technology to provide you with critical information in real time. All of this is backed up by dependable service by our highly trained technicians and central station monitoring. At FireTeam's Technology and Controls Division, we put the power of security in your hands.


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As a customer service based company, we DO NOT CHARGE for design and consultations.


Protecting Businesses

Ensure the safety of your employees, property, and profits with our
custom-designed systems and world-class support.

We rank among the top in an industry of more than 13,000 companies.

FireTeam's Technology and Controls Division has Partnerships with world's leading security equipment manufacturers

We protect